Carly Monardo is many things: an animator & illustrator; a performer; a twin sister; a dog lover; a human wife; a heckuva fine baker; a native New Yorker.

Some things Carly Monardo isn't: capable of pitching the perfect game; licensed to practice medicine; yellow-haired.

Right now Carly works for Highline Games (which she loves), and does freelance design for Steven Universe (so groovy).

Clients include:
Cartoon Network; Wistia; Every Day With Rachael Ray; Pop Art, Inc.; Baby Gourmet; IPG Media Lab; Saatchi & Saatchi; General Mills; Saveur; The Topps Company, Inc.; MC Frontalot
(résumé and additional samples available upon request)


Representation by:
Jen Linnan
Linnan Literary Management LLC

Photo credit:
George Baier IV

Carly would love to teach you how to draw a horse:

How to Draw Horses from Carly Monardo on Vimeo.